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"I recently discovered the Cupboard Corral, and my Airstream's kitchen cabinets have never been so happy! I had set up organizers for plates and bowls, but our cups had always just sort of been on their own as we traveled -- sometimes they survived, sometimes they didn't. But the Cupboard Corral keeps my breakables from touching. I paired a short corral (which now holds the stemless wine glasses Matt got me for my birthday) with two "medicine cabinet" sized corrals (sort of cheating, but it fits our skinny everyday glassware just perfectly.) Now my cabinet is as anal-retentive as I am -- the Professional Organizer in me is very pleased!"

Thanks so much! 
Ramona Creel -- "cuz it's too much to keep in my head!"

Ship 'em Quickly!


Denise Smith posted to Corral Plastics

March 23, 2012


I ordered cupboard corrals on Monday and they were here so promptly by Wednesday. My cabinets have never looked so organized and ready for the road back to Canada on April 1st. I love these. They are an RVers dream come true for keeping everything in place and ready for the road. Thank you so much for this amazing and well made product. This is a very happy person knowing that my dishes can stay comfy, cozy and snug in my cupboards, on the road. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Shake Down Cruise


We just got back from our shake down cruise in our new RV. We used the Cupboard Corrals in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It was always a scary thing when we opened the bathroom cabinet, med bottles, tooth brushes and tooth paste would come spilling out.....not with the Cupboard Corrals, everything was right where we put it. Check them out Cupboard Corral Organizer by Corral Plastics. You will not be sorry!

Ed Hurlburt

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