Tips and Tricks
As with any product, there are some ideas that users come up with that make the use of the product that much better.  We will incorporate those ideas as you send them in.
  • 1.  ANTI-SLIP - always use anti slip matting under at least half of the corral.  Some plastics (mainly acrylics) are affected by the chemical used to give the matting its anti-slip properties.  Put the matting under the part of the corral that does not have glasses etc. made of that type of plastic.  This will keep the rim of the glasses from becoming pitted.
  • 2.  REAL GLASS GLASSES - When putting glass wine or Pilsner glasses in your corrals, it is best to put tall glasses in every other pen, with a shorter glass between them.  This is especially true with wine glasses.  If they are put next to each other, there is a possibility of the bases contacting each other and being damaged.
  • 3.  CUPS - Most ceramic and glass cups are 3 3/4 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter.  Put your cups on their sides with the handle pointed up.  They can be next to each other in the tall corrals without a problem.  The short corrals may permit the handles to roll down too far and contact the neighboring cup.  If your cups are slightly more than 3 inches in diameter, the corrals are flexible enough to allow them to fit nice and tight.
  • 4.  MEDICINE CABINET - The medicine cabinet corrals are not very deep.  This is because of the wide variation in depth the RV manufacturers make the cabinets.  Put your smaller items in the corrals and the larger items, such as shaving cream, lotions, colognes etc.,  behind them.
  • 5. SPICES - If you carry a number of spices, use one of the CC4's in your pantry to keep all those little containers together.  If you have the counter space, put anti slip cut to size under your corral and just leave your spice rack on the counter.
  • 6. IN THE REFRIGERATOR - Things can also get out of control in the refer.  Use the CC9T, which has 8 fences, and make 2 open pens (no cross fences) that measure 11" X 11".  This will help keep the smaller items in place during movement.  You could also use the CC6T and one additional CF3T to make one 7 1/2" X 7 1/2" pen and one 11" X 11" pen.
  • 7. IN YOUR COOLER - Keep your cans and bottles in place in your cooler.  Using the tall corrals helps hold your items in place after one or two items have been removed, and as the ice melts. 
  • 8. IN YOUR DRAWERS - Whether at home or in the RV, everyone loves to keep things organized.  Whether in the galley, organizing the knife and spatula drawer, or in the bath keeping all the makeup organized.  The corrals, either short or tall,  work perfectly for this because of their adjustable pen sizes.
  • 9. CANNED GOODS - Whether in your cabinets, or under your bench seats at the table, use one of the wine corrals for canned goods.  You can stack them 2 deep, and they will stay in place.