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From TOSSED to TIDY, the 20 Cupboard Corral models keep your items organized and in place. 


MADE IN AMERICA                                                                                                                                      

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Corral Plastics, located in Las Vegas, Nevada is the manufacturer of the Cupboard Corral.  Being avid RVers, we saw a need to keep all of our glasses, canned goods and other items from moving around while we were traveling, and to keep them from falling out of the cabinets once we stopped. Our answer to this problem was The Cupboard Corral. 

    Review the various models available, choose the best for your application, measure your cabinets and place your order.  We sincerely hope you enjoy arriving at your site the first time after installing your Cupboard Corrals to find your items are still where you put them.


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Disclaimer:  No warranty is given, nor implied, as to the ability of the Cupboard Corral to protect your property from damage.  The sole purpose of the Cupboard Corral is to keep your items organized, and in place, while your coach is in motion under normal conditions.