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From TOSSED to TIDY, the 14 Cupboard Corral models keep your items organized and in place. 


MADE IN AMERICA                                                                                                                                      

Tim discusses how it began and uses for the Cupboard Corral www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc_Oz4UrhrA

Julie talks at the Big Tent in Quatzsite, AZ www.vimeo.com/120213211

Corral Plastics is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Being avid RVer's, we saw a need for a product that not only kept our belongings inside our cabinets when we opened them, but to have those items in the same place and condition as when we put them there.  As all RVer's know, moving vehicles play havoc with unrestrained items.  The Cupboard Corral was the answer!

Watch the above videos, decide on what Corrals you need, measure your cabinets and place your order.  We sincerely hope you enjoy arriving at your site the first time after installing your Cupboard Corrals to find your items are still where you put them.


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